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This comprehensive map provides insightful explanations about the events and individuals that have intricately shaped the diverse and vibrant places of Israel. Choose a location to discover its uniqueness! 

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Our vision: Uncover today's Israel

In 1902, Theodor Herzl authored a significant book in Jewish history, titled 'Altneuland', translated into 'Old New Land'.

The fictional narrative depicts the journey of two friends in the Old Land of Israel, evaluating the transformative changes in the society that emerged there, as a New Land for the Jewish People.

The book played a key role in expediting the return of Jews to their historical homeland.

Today, My Old New Land is your compass to comprehend your true New Land. From cinema to politics, history, and literature, enrich your connection with contemporary Israel.

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Relevant to all Olims in Israel, the Jewish Diaspora, and curious people.


  • If you live in Israel, we want to help you understand where you are.

  • If you live abroad, we want you to become a better ambassador, and discover an Israel you couldn’t access before. 

Additionally, this website is dedicated to people who:

  • Want to know more about Israel (and don't have the time).

  • Don't know where to find relevant content.

  • Made Aliyah years ago and feel your understanding of Israel lacks some elements.

  • Want to understand what is beyond the surface.

  • Feel they don't know enough and want to deepen their relationship with their Old New Land.

  • Are curious!

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