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About My Old New Land

The Land of Israel witnessed the return of the Hebrews from Egypt and the construction of King Solomon's temple.

Centuries after the Romans destroyed their Second Temple, Jews worldwide began taking steps to return to their historic homeland.

In 1902, Theodor Herzl authored a book titled 'Altneuland', translated into 'Old New Land', which played a pivotal role in expediting the process.

The fictional narrative depicts the journey of two friends in the Old Land of Israel, evaluating the transformative changes in the society that emerged there, as a New Land for the Jewish People.

Today, My Old New Land is here to guide you to understand your real New Land.

Indeed, many things have changed from the image Jews have had of the Land of their fathers (stories, prayers, books, dreams, history lessons), to the country that exists today. 

Israel can be confusing, and answers to your interrogations may be hidden behind a thick curtain.

At My Old New Land, we want to give cultural and historical tools to deepen your relationship with today’s Israel and give you new references.

Today’s Israel has to be taught and clarified.

From literature to politics, history, and pop culture, we gather a large panel of experts in each category. 

If you live in Israel, we want to help you understand where you are.

If you live abroad, we want you to become a better ambassador, and make you discover a part of Israel you couldn’t access before. 

Hebrew is probably not your native language, so our content is purposefully written in English. We want to be sure the cultural message is delivered and that we reach an audience from all countries (especially Olims). 

Many articles contain external links to YouTube videos and Spotify songs to help you put things into context.

Welcome to the only website that focuses entirely on understanding contemporary Israel!


Eyal Bonneh


Open-mindedness and curiosity are our driving values.

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