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Alma Gov

Alma Gov, born in 2002, is an Israeli singer-songwriter, writer, and composer.

Since launching her career in 2021, she has already released two studio albums.

In 2022, she earned a nomination for the "Breakthrough of the Year" award at Galgalatz, one of Israel's most prominent radio stations.

The following year, in 2023, she secured second place on CAN88's Song of the Year chart with her track "What to Do with the Wolf" (Ma Laasot Im HaZeev). You can find the YouTube video linked here and listen to her songs on our Spotify playlist (Modern Songs). We included another song called "Between the Fingers" (Bein Haetsbaot).

As a diverse Israeli artist, Alma Gov's music encompasses a broad spectrum of styles, blending influences from folk and pop with elements of electronic and rock.

She stands as one of the emerging talents in the Israeli music industry, steadily growing in popularity year after year.


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