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Arik Einstein

1939 - 2013.

Israeli singer.

Source: Wikipedia, faire use.

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, he started his musical career in the Nahal Brigade music band, like many famous Israeli singers.

During his life, he released nearly 50 albums and had a significant impact on the Israeli rock scene and music culture. He was also known for appearances in movies and comedy skits.

He was one of the actors and singers in Lool, a four-part television show aired on Israeli television between 1969 and 1973. The show included songs and comedy (extract on this link). In 1972, he played in the movie "Mezizim", one of the most famous Israeli movies (extract from this link).

Through the years he collaborated with many well-known Israeli singers, songwriters, and actors such as Shalom Hanoch, Yoni Rechter, and Uri Zohar.

In this famous extract, we can see him impersonating Olims from different countries making fun of the newcomers.

He is considered one of Israel's greatest singers and songwriters, and all generations know his voice.

This video made by Kan11 highlights the impact he had on Israeli Society. For many people, Arik Einstein is the voice of Israel.

You can listen to some of his songs in our Spotify playlist, including "Ani Veata", and "Yoshev Al Hagader".


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