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Ba'alei Melakha (Neighborhood)

Ba'alei Melakha means "Craftsmen" in Hebrew.

After Menahem Sheinkin made Aliyah in 1906, he joined the Craftmanship Organization of Jaffa. This organization was created to unify the (Jewish) craftsmen of Jaffa.

After the establishment of Tel Aviv in 1909, he decided to establish in 1912-1913, the Independent Craftsmanship Organization in a neighborhood. This organization aimed to unify Tel Aviv's independent craftsmen.

Its main street was named after Menahem Sheikin.

Other streets in the neighborhood were named with craft-related names, such as Ba'alei Melakha, Havoda ("work"), or Johanan HaSandlar ("Rabbi Yochanan the shoemaker", who lived in the second century).

Owners of small shops and small family factories initiated the neighborhood's settlement, which was annexed to Tel Aviv in 1923.

The organization's purpose was to unify poor immigrants, people with businesses such as cobblers, tailors, etc, and small family businesses into a professional association.

The organization barely survived World War 1 and recovered after the British occupation (which brought funds to the city's development), and during the fourth Aliyah (1924 - 1929) that doubled the number of craftsmen in the city.

Source :מרכז_בעלי_מלאכה_(שכונה)


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