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Eretz Nehederet

Eretz Nehederet is a popular Israeli satirical television show on the air since 2003. It is produced and broadcast as a TV news show, as shown below. The name Eretz Nehederet means "Wonderful Land" in Hebrew.

The show is structured as a series of skits and parodies, featuring a cast of actors and comedians who play a variety of characters, both real and fictional. The show often takes on current events and political issues (political parties are satirized), using humor to critique and comment on Israeli society.

Eretz Nehederet has been a critical and commercial success in Israel, winning numerous awards and attracting a loyal fan base. The show's influence extends beyond Israel, with segments and sketches often going viral on social media!

Overall, Eretz Nehederet is a clever and entertaining program that offers a unique perspective on Israeli culture and society. The show has a strong cultural footprint in Israel, such as Saturday Night Live in the US, or Les Guignols in France.

The actors on the show have high popularity in Israel and appear in many ads you see on the streets and on social media.

Here are some extracts:

- Waze.

One of the most significant characters they created is Shauli. He is a fictional character played by the Israeli actor Assi Cohen who represents the not-so-well-mannered Israeli, with many accentuated defaults (selfish, racist, etc.). Extract here.

This extract made a sensation among the public in 2021, during the elections to the 24th Knesset, in which he called for a possible civil war.

Here are the links to their Instagram and Facebook.


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