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Gidi Gov

Gideon "Gidi" Gov (born in 1950) is one of the most famous Israeli singers in Israel.

Like other Israeli famous singers, he started his musical journey in the IDF's musical band, which had a stronger role in the army than today.

He created several bands in the 70s and 80s, such as Gazoz, Kaveret, and Doda. He also performed as a solo singer and deeply impacted the Israeli Music scene. Since the 70s, Gidi Gov has appeared in Israeli movies and TV shows as an actor.

As a popular singer, he was also deeply involved in music for kids. One of the most famous albums for kids he participated in is called "Hakeves a Shisha Asar"("The 16th Lamb"). You can listen to the album here on YouTube, and see a TV live show of one of the songs here. These songs serve well for learning Hebrew, and they were a part of many Israelis' childhoods.

During his career, he collaborated with some of the most famous Israeli singers and actors.

For example, in 1993, he hosted a talk show in Telad called "Lila Gov" (''Night Gov''), where he sang with singers he invited. The program was very successful and broadcast until 1998.

You can listen to some extracts via the following YouTube links:

- Lila Gov with Ariel Zilber,

- Lila Gov with Ehud Banai,

- Lila Gov with Ofra Haza,

- Lila Gov with Mika Karni.

Some of his songs are available on our Spotify playlist (The Classics), which includes the one called 'Beladaih' ('Without you').


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