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Hadag Nahash

Hadag Nahash is an Israeli pop music group founded in 1996. The group's logo is a urinating child.

The name literally means "The Snake-fish" in Hebrew, and is also a pun since young drivers place a plaque on the back window of their car with the words "Nahag Chadash" ("New Driver").

Hadag Nahash blends Western pop, Oriental, and Hip Hop elements to create an original style, also influenced by funk and world music. The band contributed a lot to the acclimatization of hip-hop and rap in Israel and is considered today one of the most successful bands in the country (with more than 10 albums in total). The group is also a voice for young people in Israel.

Many songs combine messages of tolerance, equality, and peace, and include social and political protest. They condemn Israeli society's ills: corruption (mainly in politics), money and government relationships, minorities, religion, the IDF, Israel's wars, and more.

Some of their songs deeply impacted specific parts of Israeli culture due to their political aspect, such as "Zman Lehitorer" ("Time to wake up"), often sung during protests. The "Shirat Hastiker" ("Sticker song", YouTube Link) is also famous due to its originality since it is made of political slogans, and its ability to resist time.

You can listen to them on our Spotify playlists (Modern Songs).

The song clip of "Zman Lehitorer" is available on this YouTube video, and at 2:25 you can listen to the part sung during the protests.


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