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Haim (Boger) Bograshov

1876 - 1963.

Source : Israel National Photo Collection 1951.

Born in the Russian Empire, Haim Bograshov was an Israeli politician and Zionist leader. He had a traditional education in a yeshiva and taught Hebrew to kids.

During the 6th Zionist Congress (1903), he actively protested against the Uganda Plan, aiming to establish a Jewish State in Uganda.

He made Aliyah in 1906.

Along with Menahem Sheinkin, he helped establish the Herzliya Hebrew Gymnasium, or "HaGymnasia Haivrit", the first Hebrew High School in Israel located in Tel Aviv (previously called Ahuzat Bait), and educated generations of young students.

He participated in many Zionist Congresses, from the 6th to the 20th, and was highly involved in Tel Aviv's life in the 1920s. He helped establish Yishuv Even Yehuda.

He was elected to Parliament in the 2nd Knesset of Israel in 1951 and served on the Committee on Education and Culture.

His former student Moshe Sharett became Prime Minister of Israel in 1954 while in Parliament. A street was named after him in Tel Aviv, while he was still alive.



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