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Kazablan is an Israeli movie (inspired by a play) released in 1974.

Source: Wikipedia.

It relates the story of a man called Kazablan, who made Aliyah from Morocco, falling in love with Rachel, a woman of Polish descent.

The story takes place in Jaffa.

This movie highlights topics such as Ashkenazi-Sephardic relations in the early days of the country, and marriage between cultures.

Yoram Gaon, one of Israel's most famous actors and singers, plays Kazablan, and Efrat Lavie plays Rachel.

This musical film is full of songs (some are available on our Spotify Playlist, the Classics), dances, and choreographies, with a humorous touch.

"Kazablan" is in the Israeli category of films called Burekas Movies, and is one of the most-watched films in Israeli cinema history.

In 2004, Yehoram Gaon won the Israel Prize, the state's highest cultural honor.

The following video is a song called "Kol Hakavod", where you can see what Tel Aviv and Jaffa looked like several decades ago.

The following one is called "Roza" and is really known all over the country, and its reputation goes beyond the movie.

This last extract is the Brit Milah.


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