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The Norwegian Law

The "Norwegian Law" affects the appointment of ministers and Knesset members. The legislation became known as the 'Norwegian Law' due to a similar system in Norway.

It enables any Knesset member selected as a minister or deputy minister to temporarily resign from their position but remain a minister. This allows the next person on the party's list to take their place.

If the Knesset member then resigns or is dismissed from the new position, he/she would automatically return to the Knesset at the cost of the new Knesset member who did the replacement.

The Knesset approved the amendment by 64-51 on 30 July 2015. An expanded version was passed by the Knesset plenum on June 15, 2020. This version allows all ministers to resign and be replaced. It allows between one and five party members who hold a minister to relinquish their Knesset seats to other party members (lower down on the party's list).

The number of government members who are allowed to temporarily resign and later return to the Knesset is calculated based on the size of the parliamentary group. It is also calculated based on the number of Knesset members who are part of the faction but do not hold any ministerial or deputy ministerial positions.



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