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Zohar Argov

1955 - 1987.

Zohar Argov (born Orkabi) was an Israeli singer of Yemeni descent, who strongly influenced Mizrahi music in Israel in the 1970s and 1980s.

Source: Wikipedia.

Argov is considered one of the greatest singers of Mizrahi music. He is the main person responsible for Mediterranean music's recognition as a part of Israeli identity.

He is known as "The King".

He was also a controversial figure, due to his addiction to drugs and criminal convictions for rape.

His most famous songs are "As of Today' (Nahon Lehayom), "The Flower in My Garden" (Haperah Begani), and "Bekrem Hataymanim".

Some of his songs are available in our Spotify playlist.

This YouTube video is the video clip of his song called "Kvar Havru Hashanim" ('The years have already passed').


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