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Ahdut Haavoda (Labor Unity)

Ahdut Ha'Avoda was a socialist Zionist party.

It was founded in 1919 as a union of the "Poalei Zion" party headed by David Ben-Gurion and the "non-partisan" workers.

Before the creation of the party in February 1919, was held the Agricultural Federation's first national conference. During this event, the majority decided to establish the general union of Israel's workers called Ahdut Haavoda, "Labor Unity". Most Hapoel Ha'Tzair members didn't join.

This new party was founded to create an organization benefiting all Hebrew workers in the Land of Israel. It included leftist, socialist, humanist, and Jewish ideologies, but not Marxist. Its ideology was formulated by Berel Katznelson, one of its leaders.

The movement included two kinds of communities: the workers in the settlements, and the urban workers called "the lonely ones".

The movement became the largest in the General Workers' Union, Hahistadrut, due to the unity of these two major communities, along with the support of the Kibbutz people.

In 1930, the party united with Hapoel Hatzair to become the "Party of the Workers of Israel" (Mapai, Mifleget Poalei Eretz Yisrael).

A few decades later, this fusion led to the creation of the current Haavoda Party (Israeli Labor Party).



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