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Hapoel Hatzair (The Young Worker)

Ha'poel Hatzair is the first Zionist socialist party founded in the Land of Israel in 1905 by Russian Jewish immigrants.

The party's goals were Zionism's realization and the creation of a working Hebrew society. The party considered it a duty to embrace productive (industrial and agricultural) labor work in settlements and to work on Hebrew language revival.

Hapoel Hatzair settled on land bought from Arab landowners, with the help of the Jewish National Fund (KKL).

The members of "Hapoel Ha'Tsair" were among the first settlers in Kibbutz Degania and in Moshav Nahalal (North of Israel), and had a large role in the establishment of the Agricultural Histadrut.

The party did not rely on a parent party from abroad. Party members rejected Marx's theory and class struggle, and opposed participation in international socialist organizations.

In 1923, the party changed its attitude to socialism and the international workers' movement. It even sent observers to the International Socialist Congress in Hamburg.

In 1930, the party united with Ahdut Ha'Avoda to become the "Party of the Workers of Israel" (Mapai, Mifleget Poalei Eretz Yisrael).

A few decades later, this fusion led to the creation of the current Haavoda Party (Israeli Labor Party).



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