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Kaveret (meaning beehive in English) was an Israeli rock band formed in 1973, and active until 1976. The band is considered one of the most popular ones in Israel.

Its members were Danny Sanderson, Gidi Gov, Yitzhak Klefter, Alon Olarchik, Meir Fenigstein, Ephraim Shamir and Yoni Rechter. Most of them met during their IDF service in the Nahal Music Band.

After the band's breakup, its members continued independent careers and released solo albums. Sanderson and Gov continued working together on the successful bands Gazoz and Doda.

All these artists and other bands have reached legendary status in Israel, and almost every Israeli has heard their songs.

Their albums were characterized by a light melodic rock style rich in humor, which quickly entered the core of the Israeli mainstream. They all had significant commercial success and even reached cult status.


Below are their most famous songs, helpful to learn Hebrew, with their YouTube links:

On this link, you'll find a short play they did, full of Israeli references and word games, introducing the Medinah Ktana song.

Some of their songs are available on our Spotify playlist (The Classics).


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