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Living in Jerusalem in the 1960s

Jerusalem in the 1960s was a totally different city from what we know today.

This video explains how Jerusalem was at that time through the eyes of a photographer called Yitshak Saad.

His son (the voice in the video) describes craftsmen working on the street and kids playing outside, and the voices are testimonies of people who lived during that era explaining their daily lives. In those days, Jerusalem was split into two parts: Jordanian and Israeli.

These testimonies are a great way to feel how the city has evolved, put things in perspective, and understand how people used to live there.

The song heard in the video is called "Me, Simon and the Little Moshe" ("Ani Simon VeMoshe Hakatan") sung by Yossi Banai (Spotify Link). This nostalgic song tells the story of an old man returning to his childhood streets and thinking about Moise and Simon, his childhood friends.


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