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"Masaʻ le-erets Yisraʼel bi-shenat Tat"

Published in 1892, this book, authored by Elhanan Leib Lewinsky, unfolds a visionary tale set in 2040, envisaging a journey to the Land of Israel. Within this narrative, the Hovevei Zion movement establishes a technological utopian society.

The future Israeli society depicted in the book embodies socialist values, moral principles, and a commitment to peace. Notably, its capital is Jerusalem, as opposed to Jaffa (Tel Aviv had not been built yet when Lewinsky wrote the book).

The central narrative revolves around the honeymoon journey of a young Hebrew-speaking couple, Yehudit and Elhanan, who explore this utopian society during their visit.

Despite the transformative experience, the couple, upon concluding their trip, opted not to make aliyah.

Lewinsky's book, a decade ahead of Herzl's utopian work "Altneuland," garnered comparatively less attention, partly due to the limited Hebrew-speaking audience among other factors.



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