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Minister Montefiore (Song)

The song called ״Hasar Montefiore" was released in 1971 and is part of the album "Ani Yerushalmi" (or "I was born in Jerusalem") by Yoram Gaon.

The song relates the story of Moshe Montefiore saying to God he is not willing to die because he is too busy helping Jewish communities all around the world (Russia, Damascus, Jerusalem). The song starts when he is 80 and ends when he dies at 100, with an angel kiss and a Jerusalem stone under his head.

Each time he is still alive, all the Jews are happy and say "Kol Hakavod La-sar" (meaning "Well done, Minister").

The Jews of Old Yishuv referred to him as "ha-Sar Montefiore" ('The Minister' or 'Prince' Montefiore).

The following video is the song with the words in Hebrew.


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