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Yair Rosenblum

1944 - 1996.

Yair Rosenblum was one of the most important creators of Hebrew songs. His work strongly impacted the Israeli music scene, mainly through military bands' songs.

Rosenblum served as an accordionist in the IDF band, which he later led as musical director. Between 1967 and 1977, Rosenblum served and led the Nahal Band, the Navy Band, and the Central Command Band. He is considered the one who introduced innovative arrangements of rock and pop, which were not accepted in the military framework until then.

Among his most well-known songs was the "Peace Song" ("Shir Lashalom"), written by Yaakov Rotblit and performed by the Nahal band with Miri Aloni as the main singer. At first, the song was controversial and even banned from the IDF, but slowly gained legitimacy and popularity, and reached its peak when sung at the peace rally where Yitzhak Rabin was murdered in 1995 (see video here).

One other memorable song he composed was "Ammunition Hill" ('Giv'at Hatahmoshet', written by Yoram Taharlev). This song (YouTube link) is deeply related to the Army world since it commemorates the famous battle on the Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem during the Six-Day War.

He also discovered many singers, songwriters, and musicians, who eventually became famous singers in Israel.

Other songs he composed are The Red Dress, Peace, and Herzl (see video here).

Some of his songs are available on our Spotify Playlist, the classics.


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